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Easy Instagram and SEO Tips For E-commerce Businesses
With over one billion users worldwide, Instagram continues to rise in triumph, which caused brands to come into some realizations. As a result, brands are feeling more compelled than ever before to launch their own Instagram advertising campaigns. Such actions will not just attract a new number of customers but it will also secure a couple of sales before the year ends. Moreover, Instagram is a great platform to promote a business because of its decently strong advertising programs. Moreover, businesses can have various options in creating the right content type for their audience while targeting the right people. And so, here are some ways that will boost your e-commerce business on Instagram.

Unleash your minimalist side with typography

Suffice it to say, most Instagram posts and ads today feature photos or videos of people, products, places, or other objects. Because of this, Instagram ads that are comprised mainly of text and nothing else becomes the center of attraction than those that are not. Use this strategy to gain an edge. You simply have to launch an ad that uses a single statement or offers contrasted against a subtle background.

Use the zoom feature wisely

Since most Instagram users today are used to seeing ads, it’s highly likely that they will simply scroll past any ads that may come off as too forceful or predictable. This is why it is important for you to be extra creative in catching their attention and one way to do that is to use the zoom feature. When creating your Instagram campaign, you can hide a promo code, word, or phrase in your image and post it with a caption that tells viewers to pinch and zoom the image to uncover the hidden message.

Go for lifestyle photography

Perhaps the best and most effective Instagram ads are those that don’t look like ads in the first place. Yes, being a contradiction is the best thing in this case because your ideal customers will actually appreciate this. After all, your goal should be to avoid making people feel that your only purpose is to “sell” them, or worse, trick them into buying something. To do this, you have to make sure that you never use stock photography in your ads. Instead, go with lifestyle photos that highlight the real-life applications of your products that viewers can relate to.

Remarket to abandoned cart shoppers

Remarketing ads are also an excellent way to grab attention and drive sales on Instagram as this will target those shoppers who abandoned their shopping carts on your store. With remarketing, it lets you place product images in front of “supposed-to-be buyers” with a goal of getting them to go back on your site and buy the product(s) they left in their cart.

Use videos when telling your story

Around 400 million users are now actively using Instagram stories. This scenario gives a huge opportunity for business owners who are dedicated to putting their energy, time, and money into producing unique and entertaining stories that users can view and interact with. Lastly, it allows you to create engaging, vertical, full-screen ads that can be combined with texts, photos, and videos.
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